What is the aim of IVA?

IVA stands for Austrian Shareholder Association. It is an independent association representing the interests of private investors and minority shareholders vis-à-vis the legislative body, majority shareholders, the board of directors, the supervisory board and the annual auditors. Private investors are only able to enforce their interests successfully if they unite and combine their voting rights in the annual general meetings and opposite the general public. Further concerns of IVA are the improvement and further development of shareholders rights, the "Corporate Governance" as well as the protection of private ownership.

How can IVA help private investors?

  • Representation at the annual general meetings
    Every year at the annual general meeting of a public limited company IVA expresses its opinion on important company decisions. Most important is to exercise the right to information and disclosure. IVA shows its opinion by its voting decision.
  • Judicial and extrajudicial disputes
    After intensive review of crucial documents IVA forms its opinion on e.g. severance payment proposals and changes in company articles. The aim is to settle conflicts and different opinions out of court by considering general procedural economy. In case the out-of-court settlement is not possible IVA either files the lawsuit itself or supports plaintiffs with its know-how.
  • Exertion of influence on legal framework
    Statements to draft legislation, interventions with ministers, representatives, opinion leaders; Participation in relevant working and expert groups.
  • Contributions to raise the shareholder culture
    Statements to current events, public relations
  • Information events
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